Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the chosen package Maria’s wedding officiant services range from $200 to $500. Additional services such as bilingual English/Spanish ceremonies and wedding rehearsals are available for extra fees.

Couples must obtain a wedding license from the Collier County Clerk (or their respective county clerk) before their ceremony. Maria is a qualified officiant and can legally perform wedding ceremonies in the state of Florida.

While Maria specializes in officiating weddings, a friend or family member may also be able to officiate your wedding if they meet the state’s legal requirements.
Maria specializes in non-denominational and Catholic weddings. She is also able to perform bilingual English/Spanish ceremonies and is experienced in various types of wedding ceremonies.

It’s best to chose someone you like. The wedding officiant plays an important role on the wedding day. Let’s connect or contact me via email [email protected] with any questions or to discuss your specific needs.

Ask about their experience, types of ceremonies they can perform, pricing, cancellation policies, and additional services offered. For Maria, these details can be found on her website or by contacting her directly.
Yes, Maria offers assistance with vow writing and ceremony planning in one of her packages.
Maria can be booked spontaneously up to 24 hours before the ceremony, but booking earlier is recommended to secure your desired date.